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Automatic Quantitation Filing and Packing machine with photocell Apparatus for packing powder Granules, Pan Masala, Detergents, Loban Powder, Fish Powder, Tobacco and its by products.
Features :
  • Man Power Saving & simple Operation
  • With clever design of machine construction, easy to change different pouch size
  • All parts of machine are manufactured perfectly under proper treatement to have
       accuracy performance
  • All metal contact parts with packing object are made of stainless steel
  • Photocell control system can automatically adjust and correct the "Eye Mark"
       with in = 1.5 mm
    Specification :
    Sealing Type Centre Seal, Three Side Seal, Four Side Seal
    Packing Size L : 40mm, W: (Film Width) 60mm ( Enlarged Type can made upon order )
    Packing range .05 Gm onwards
    ( Depending on Specific gravity of the product to be packed)
    Speed 40 - 200 pouches / minute ( Depending on flowing rate and volume of the product to be packed)
    Power required A. Motor : 1/4 - 1/2 H.P. ( Depending on the Size )/ Single phase / 50 Hz
    B. Heater load : Maximum of 2 Kw
    Optional :
    * Coding Device * Batch cutting device * Auger filler arrangement